Sealing elements

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Our sealing element types:


Radial shaft sealing rings in accordance with DIN 3760

In the field of mechanical transmission engineering radial shaft sealing rings, also known as shaft seals or Simmerrings®, are used to seal axles and shafts. They consist of either an external cylindrical casing made of sheet steel or rubber, a metal stiffening ring and a ring-shaped tension spring. They are available with a protective lip (type AS) or without a protective lip (type A). There are countless different dimensions. In Schwanden and Granges/Sierre we stock a good number of them, mainly in NBR. Just ask us! In Granges we also keep a range of wipers as supplements to these sealing rings.


Axial shaft sealing rings / gamma rings

The axial shaft sealing ring, often called a gamma ring, is mounted on a shaft or a groove in the housing and seals on to any axial mating surface. It consists of a metallic outer housing and a tapered elastomer sleeve on the inside. There are two types of gamma rings: 9RB and RB, whereby the 9RB version has an extra collar to protect the sleeve. Field of application: Seals against grease splashes, oil, dust and other contaminants. We stock gamma rings in our shop in Granges/Sierre only!


NBR O-rings

O-rings are the most widely used sealing elements. Their sizes are defined by the internal diameter and the thickness of the cord (cross-section). We mainly stock O-rings in metric or inch dimensions made from NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber, Perbunan®), 70° Shore A, as these are the sort most often used. Of course, we can also supply you with O-rings in other materials such as PTFE = Teflon, PU = polyurethane; MVQ silicone = methyl vinyl silicone rubber, EPDM = ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber etc. When O-rings are pressed against their mating sealing surfaces by a contact force, a closed line results at the circumference within the sealing surface. They are thus activated by pressure, can be harder or softer and are detachable. They will be destroyed if the maximum permissible pressure is exceeded or if the wrong elastomer has been used as the material. They must not shrink or swell and must remain elastic. O-rings can be installed radially, axially or in grooves, even in corners.


Rubber gaskets / rubber mats

In Granges we stock roll material, including: black gaskets inNBR 70° Shore, in thicknesses: 1 mm; 1.5 mm; 2 mm; 3 mm; 4 mm; 5 mm; 6 mm; 8 mm, 10 mm and food-safe white gaskets in NR/SBR 65° Shore (R642), in the thicknesses: 3 mm, 6 mm, 8mm. The wide or fine-grooved robust rubber gaskets prove their worth as runners or anti-slip underlays in vehicles, on loading ramps, in car boots, etc.


Sealing paper / gasket paper

We stock sheets of gasket paper in sheet sizes 350 mm x 500 mm in the following thicknesses: 0.25 mm; 0.50 mm; 0.80 mm; 1.00 mm; 1.5 mm for cutting your own seals or seals that are difficult to obtain. We also supply 500 mm x 750 mm sheets ofKlinger Sil® C 4300 gasket material in the following thicknesses: 0.5 mm; 1 mm, 1.5 mm; 2 mm; 3 mm.


Round rubber cord / rubber sealing cord

Black meter goods in NBR 70 ° Shore A for use in temperature ranges from – 40 °C to + 110 °C. are available from us in the following diameters: 1.78 mm; 2 mm; 2.62 mm; 3mm; 3.5 mm; 4 mm; 5 mm; 6 mm; 7 mm; 8 mm; 9 mm; 10 mm; 12 mm; 15 mm.


VK closure caps

Closure caps are used to seal openings or core drill holes. This simple sealing element consists of a metal part and an elastomer sheath on the outside. They are available in various sizes in our shop in Granges/Sierre and protect motors, gearboxes core drill holes etc. from airborne contamination.



V-rings are axial lip seals made from vulcanised elastomer. The V-ring is mounted directly on to the shaft and seals axially on a mating surface, e.g. on a roller bearing, shaft collar or thrust washer. The V-ring is mostly used in combination with other seals (e.g. radial shaft seals). V-rings are available in various profile designs: VA = the standard design; VS = standard design with bevelled back for a better fit on the shaft as well as a reinforced stiffening body; VL = the version suitable where space is limited. The VA and VS types in NBR are available from stock.


SKF Speedi-Sleeve

Shaft repair sleeves for bore diameters 12–203.2 mm (shaft diameter range from d1 minimum 11.913 mm to 203.073 mm). Problems with worn faying surfaces on shafts can be easily solved with Speedi-Sleeve. These extremely thin-walled sleeves (thickness 0.28 mm) made from stainless steel are pushed over the worn faying surface. They thus form a perfect mating surface for a new radial shaft seal. Speedi Sleeve – we only stock shaft protection sleeves in our branch in Granges near Sierre in the canton of Valais.