Company profile

1949 The company is established in Glarus as a partnership between Rudolf Leuzinger and Emil Denecke    
1972 Acquisition of the transmission division from Von Roll AG Klus    
1978 The company is transformed into a public limited company    
1985 Emil Denecke sells his share of the company to Rudolf Leuzinger    
1987 Resignation of Rudolf Leuzinger. His son Florian Leuzinger becomes Managing Director    
1988 Discontinuation of the shoemaking division and concentration on the drive components division    
1989 The company moves to the "Mühleareal" in Schwanden, the site of an abandoned Glarus textile printing plant    
1996 Florian Leuzinger becomes the owner of the company    
1997 Certification to ISO 9001:2000    
2010 Acquisition of the "Au" property in Schwanden with a total area of 6,300 m2    
2011 Relocation into almost completely renovated premises with approx. 2,200 m2 of warehouse space and approx. 500 m2 of office space, a workshop, freight forwarding and receipt of goods    
2012 Sonja Leuzinger becomes co-owner of the company    
2015 Opening of a branch in Granges near Sierre (Valais) with a focus on roller bearings, spherical plain bearings, needle bearings and general industrial supplies, approx. 600 m2 of operating space    
2021 Modernisation and expansion of the internal mechanical workshop at the headquarters in Schwanden and expansion of the operating area in Granges/VS    
2022 Yanick M. Leuzinger and Anaïs P. Leuzinger become members of the management    

The small shop on Hauptstrasse 12 in Glarus has always sold rubber products. Household and camping items and even sport goods were on offer. Shoemakers from all over Switzerland bought soles, rubber sheets and heels from Denecke + Leuzinger. We were also able to meet the demand from local industry for repairs of all kinds. At that time, V-belts were supplied by the companies Trelleborg AB and Kléber-Colombes - later known under the tradename Texrope®.


Acquisition of the transmission divison from Von Roll AG Klus laid the foundation for today's business. The "shoemaker" line of business was abandoned in 1988 and trade in mechanical drive elements was intensified. The company Texrope® was acquired by Gates® in 1994 and Trelleborg AB also ceased production of V-belts. Denecke + Leuzinger AG had to look for new suppliers.


Denecke + Leuzinger AG is now a Swiss representative for ContiTech Antriebssysteme GmbH, SWR-Europe-van Dinther GmbH, Gates GmbH and Bando Europe GmbH. Our partner for more than 30 years - PTS Power Transmission Strongbelt GmbH was integrated in Tecnamic GmbH in 2018. In addition to these enterprises a number of other European and Asian producers and dealers also supply Denecke + Leuzinger AG with well-known brand products.


We now handle around 40 000 standard items from the field of drive technology and other industrial products in bright and spacious premises.


The third generation of the Leuzinger family has taken up position in the starting blocks – Yanick Leuzinger at the headquarters in Schwanden/Glarus and Anaïs Leuzinger at the branch in Granges/Valais. Both are ready to take on their responsibilities and are working for the company with the same passion and enthusiasm as the first generation once did and the second still does!