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Our types of elastic couplings:

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Elastic tyre couplings FFX


  • standard coupling for finish bore
  • version for taper clamping bushings
  • mixed version standard / taper
  • components can be combined with each other as required

Type 40 – type 250

By combining different types of flange steel, the highly elastic FFX tyre couplingis suitable for many applications. Because of the special tyre design, this coupling can accommodate extremely large displacements with low restoring forces in each direction. The tyre can be radially mounted and disassembled as standard using a factory-made separating joint. It is made of natural rubber with a textile insert. Suitable for ambient temperatures between – 50 °C and + 50 °C. Please order any required clamping bushings separately.


Orpex® elastic pin couplings (similar to Rupex®)

Type 105 – type 252 (bigger sizes on demand)

The buffers and elastic elements of the Orpex® couplings, which are spherical and moveable in the mounting holes, allow for compensation of shaft misalignment in angular, radial or axial direction. The couplingscan be used for both directions of rotation and are suitable for reversing. The couplinghalves of our series WN 105 to WN 360 pin couplings are made of grey cast iron.


Elastic HRC couplings – Taper system

Type 7-I- and A–flange to type 28-I and A-flange

These jaw couplings are quickly and easily assembled or disassembled using a hex wrench. They are made of grey cast iron and are available with I-flange or A-flange. The elastic intermediate element, the cam ring or coupling spider greatly reduces shock loads. It dampens torsional vibrations as well as noise. The deformability in the axial direction is free, so that no damaging axial force can act on the machine bearings with changing torque. Replacing the spider is made possible by a simple axial shift of the coupling halves, in most cases without removal of the connected machines. The following types are available: 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 18, 23 and 28. Please order the appropriate clamping bushes separately.


NPX elastic couplings

Construction A, three-part type 110 – 250

Construction B, two-part type 58 - 250

The NPX coupling is a cam coupling with a temperature resistance of - 20 °C to + 80 °C. The elastic elements have a hardness of NBR 80° Shore A. Due to the fixed position of these cams, the deformability in the axial direction is free. Even when torque is changing, no damaging axial forces can act on the machine bearings (up to the breaking moment of the cast iron transfer cams). We offer the coupling NPX as three-part type A or as two-part type B. For maintenance purposes, the elastic elements can also be re-ordered as sets.


Curved-tooth couplings with polyamide sleeve

Type 14 – type 65

The curved-tooth coupling consists of two symmetrical hubs made of steel as well as an injection-moulded bushing made of a semi-crystalline technopolymer. The operation mode of the curved-tooth coupling prevents strain on the shaft in case of radial or angular misalignment. The combination of steel and polyamide makes the coupling maintenance-free and resistant to all types of hydraulic fluids and lubricants. Suitable for ambient temperatures between -20 °C and + 120 °C.


Mini couplings / Torsionally rigid self-aligning couplings

Type MWK 18 - 80

The mini-coupling is a backlash-free, torsionally rigid, flexible and, above all, maintenance-free coupling, made from one piece. It is suitable for propulsion systems which control and regulate highly dynamic processes in small installation spaces (medical technology, robots, transfer lines, etc.). Due to the mounting possibilities on shafts using clamping hubs, the mini-coupling is very easy to install. It is completely suitable for use at temperatures from -55 °C to + 150 °C (higher temperatures are possible following prior technical clarification).


RPX / Trasco® elastic couplings (similar to Habix® and Rotex®)

Type HWT 28 – 65 taper version GG 25 with a white intermediate ring

Type HWN 19 – 90 standard version GG 25 with a white intermediate ring

Type HWN 19 – 48 standard version in aluminium with a white intermediate ring

Intermediate rings: red or white (please order separately)

The RPX coupling is a jaw coupling with elastic elements (intermediate ring or coupling spider). Angular, radial, and axial motion between the two coupling halves is balanced. Torque transmission takes place as an interlocking. The standard intermediate ring has a hardness of 92 Shore A. However, the red, harder intermediate ring of 98 Shore A is available for purchase along with the coupling as well. The hub material of types 19 to 65 is made of grey cast iron (GG25) as standard, and the smaller dimensions of types 19 to 48 are also available in aluminium. The taper versions are also made of grey cast iron (GG25) and available as types 28 to 65 from stock (please order clamping bushings separately).


RPX / Habix® plus elastic couplings (similar to Trasco® and Rotex®)

Type HPN 19 – 65

Type HPK 19 – 65

Intermediate rings 98 °Sh A and 64° Sh D type 19 – 65

RPX / Habix® plus couplings consist of two coupling hubs with concave drive claws, which have a high degree of concentricity and a high-precision spider, made of extremely wear-resistant and temperature-resistant plastic. This coupling transmits the torque backlash-free and reduces vibrations. It decisively determines the features of the entire coupling or of the complete drive train. The spider permits a continuous load of up to + 100 °C, while use at low temperatures is permissible at - 30 °C.


Further information about our elastic couplings:

In mechanical drive systems, couplings allow reliable power transmission between two shafts that may even be slightly offset. Impacts from rotational speeds and torques as well as sound can be absorbed. We supply a wide range of couplings in various sizes, hardnesses, designs and materials.

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