Rubber-metal anti-vibration mounts

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Round buffers

in accordance with DIN 95363 are available from us in three versions:

  • Type 1 with two external threads Ø 10 mm – 100 mm
  • Type 2 with one external thread and one internal thread; Ø 10 mm – 100 mm
  • Type 3 with two internal threads, Ø 15 mm – 120 mm


Stop buffers

in accordance with DIN 95364 are available from us

  • with one external thread, Ø 20 mm – 100 mm


Further information about our rubber-metal anti-vibration mounts:

Our rubber-metal anti-vibration mounts are widely used standard elements for vibration damping. They are manufactured from a rubber mix (NBR 55° Sh) and steel (galvanised St 37). They are used for the resilient mounting of drives, motors, pumps, compressors, etc. They insulate vibrations and can reduce noise or sounds.