Flat belt pulleys – Taper version

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Outside diameters of our flat belt pulleys:

ex stock Schwanden, subject to prior sale


Outside diameters 63 mm to 630 mm

  • smaller pulleys with outside diameters up to 100 mm in widths of 32 mm, 50 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm (in width 32 mm also with a flange)
  • pulley diameters above 100 mm in widths of 32 mm, 50 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm, 160 mm, 200 mm (in with 32 mm and 50 mm also with a flange)


Please note that clamping bushes must always be ordered separately!


The pulley width should be at least 1.05 to 1.1 times the belt width. The larger the pulley diameter, the faster the belt will run and the lower the shaft load will be.


Our taper system flat belt pulleys are made of grey cast iron to DIN 111 and statically balanced in a plane to VDI 2060 G 6.3 up to a diameter of < 356 mm and statically balanced in two planes to VDI 2060 G 6.3 from a diameter of > 356 mm. They are manufactured as arm-type pulleys, floor pulleys or solid pulleys. All our flat belt pulleys have a crown, the so-called swelling. This prevents the flat belt from slipping off sideways.


Further information about our flat belt pulleys in taper version:

The construction of the drive has to be very stable in order to ensure correct, permanent alignment of the pulleys. The running axle of the belt should be placed at right angles to each pulley and shaft axle that comes into contact with the belt. The installation must be earthed in order to prevent an electrostatic charge. In the ventilation industry, flat belt pulleys are often used with a flange to prevent the belt from drifting during the start-up phase. Permanent contact with the flange will destroy the belt very quickly. Please ensure that the pulleys are aligned correctly.


Flat belt drives provide the following benefits:

  • high efficiency
  • low noise
  • long service life
  • almost no wear
  • re-tensioning is not normally required when installed correctly first time


Flat belts: At our warehouses in Schwanden we not only stock flat belts by the meter that we can weld to the desired length, we also produce continuous lengths that we can cut from the coil to your desired width.