Coupling belts / Reverse idler belts

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Profiles of our coupling belts, reverse idler belts:


3L (3/8“)

La 406 - La 1600 mm


4L (1/2“)

La 406 - La 2500 mm


5L (5/8“)

La 635 - La 2469 mm


SA 13/7

SA-18 to SA-85 La 482,6 – La 2184,4; reverse idler belts, Bando


SB 17/9

SB-22 to SB-112 La 594,2 – La 2870,2; reverse idler belts Bando



These special belts have trapezoidal profiles. They consist of synthetic rubber, a tension member made of aramid and a casing.


Coupling belts have a grey fabric casing and therefore provide an optimal friction coefficient in coupling drives. The reverse idler belts are encased in a black rubber compound and are specially designed for applications using reverse idlers. Both types of belt are used in snow blowers, lawnmowers, agricultural machinery, etc. However, either belt will offer certain advantages, depending on the operating site and specifications. We will be happy to advise you!


When placing an order, please provide the following information: profile, e.g. 5L; outside length in inches or mm and belt colour. All the dimensions listed in our separate brochure can be supplied from our warehouse.


Further information about our coupling belts and reverse idler belts:



  • temperature-resistant from - 30 °C to + 80 °C
  • oil-resistant under certain conditions
  • dustproof
  • suitable for reverse bending
  • resistant to tropical weather conditions