Tensioning pulleys / Idler pulleys / Universal tensioners

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Our types of tensioning pulleys and idler pulleys for drive belts and industrial roller chains:


Type B/E2 with cam, smooth contact surface

Steel axle, aluminium sheaves and flanged wheels


Type B/F2 with hub, smooth contact surface

Steel axle, aluminium sheaves and flanged wheels


Type B/E0 with cam, toothed contact surface

Steel axle, aluminium sheaves


Type M heavy-duty series with cam


Type BSR light series without cam

for light-duty belt drives


Plastic tensioning pulleys


Drive belt tensioners

made from aluminium profiles SPZ, SPA, SPB single and double-groove


Sprocket sets

Simplex, duplex, triplex

Pitch 3/8ʺ x 7/32ʺ to 1½ʺ x 1ʺ


CR chain sliders

for chains Type 3/8ʺ – 3/4ʺ


Universal tensioners

DL 10/TE 2 to DL 70/TE 8 for tensioning range of 0–3900 N


Important: To install the tensioning pulleys, tensioners, sprocket sets and chain sliders, you will also need a suitable universal tensioner (also available from stock in sizes DL 10/TE 2 to DL 70/TE 8, subject to goods being unsold). 


Out type B tensioning rollers are grease-lubricated and double-mounted on deep-groove ball bearings. They are available with a cam or flange with a smooth contact surface, with and without sheaves. Type B/EO is available with a cam and toothed contact surface for belts with the profiles: T5, AT5, T10 and AT10. The heavy-duty Type M series with cam is fitted with high quality deep-groove ball bearings. They are cantilever-mounted on the machine wall. The Type BSR light-duty series without a cam is lubricated with DIN 51852-K3K grease. It has proven itself as a tensioning and idler pulley for light-duty belt drives, e.g. for toothed belts with profiles T2.5; T5 and AT5. We offer sprocket sets in the sizes type 3/8ʺ x 7/32ʺ – 10 to type 1 ½ʺ x 1ʺ – 20 simplex, duplex, triplex versions, and chain sliders type CR 3/8, CR ½, CR 5/8 and CR ¾. 


Further information about our tensioning pulleys, tensioners, idler pulleys, sprocket sets, chain sliders and universal tensioners:

Tension rollers help to improve performance in multi-shaft drives with small wrap angles. Tensioning pulleys can prevent thrumming in drives with small pulleys and large shaft distances. Please note that the use of tensioning pulleys in belt drives leads to an increased load on the belts due to the bending cycles.