Roller bearings / Spherical plain bearings

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Series of our bearing types:


Deep groove ball bearings

  • Single row deep groove ball bearings series 6000, 6200, 6300, 6400, 62200, 62300, 63000, 63200, 63300, 16000, 16100, 6700, 61700, 6800, 61800, 6900, 61900
  • Doublerow deep groove ball bearings series 4200, 4300
  • Reinforced deep groove ball bearings series BL200, BL300
  • Separable bearings series E, BO, L, M
  • Series 600, 620, 630, 680, 690, MR
  • Deep groove ball bearings with inch dimensions

The most frequently used roller bearings are single row deep groove ball bearings. The balls are held apart in a cage, each guided by a deep groove on the inner and outer ring. In addition to absorbing radial loads, this also enables a low absorption of axial forces. Because deep groove ball bearings are so versatile, designed for high to very high speeds and relatively hard-wearing, consequently there are many series available – metric, inch, double row and reinforced. “Miniature bearings” (as they are often called in Switzerland) are very small low-maintenance deep groove ball bearings with an internal diameter not exceeding 10 mm. This simple ready-to-mount unit comprises an inner and outer ring and a cage with balls. Optionally available as open or covered versions.


Thrust ball bearings

  • Single directionthrust ball bearings series 51100, 51200, 51300, 51400
  • Double direction thrust bearings series 52200, 52300
  • Single directionthrust ball bearings with spherical housing disc series 53200 U, 53300 U

Axial thrust bearings can only absorb axial loads and cannot transmit radial forces due to their design. Distinctions are made between: single direction thrust bearings, consisting of a shaft washer, a cage with balls and a housing washer; double direction thrust bearings, consisting of a shaft washer, two cages with balls and two housing washers and the single direction thrust bearings with spherical housing washer. Due to their design, thrust bearings are not self-retaining. They are suitable for low speeds and low centrifugal forces.


Angular contact ball bearings

  • Single row angular contact ball bearings series 7200, 7300
  • Double row angular contact ball bearings series 3000, 3200, 5200, 3300, 5300, 3800

Angular contact ball bearings were developed to absorb combined loads, i.e. radial and axial loads. The raceways on the inner and outer ring are offset from each other. The resulting angle of contact enables the distribution of loads from one raceway to the other. Axial forces can only be absorbed from one side. If axial forces occur on both sides, angular contact ball bearings must be mounted in pairs.


Four-point contact ball bearings

  • Series QJ 200, QJ 300

Four-point contact ball bearings were developed so that axial loads can be absorbed in both directions with consistently small installation dimensions. In their construction they are similar to angular contact ball bearings.


Self-aligning ball bearings

  • Series 1200, 1300, 2200, 2300, 11200, 11300

Self-aligning ball bearings are double-row radial roller bearings that can compensate for static and dynamic angular errors. Self-aligning ball bearings are available with cylindrical or tapered bores for adapter sleeves.


Barrel roller bearings

  • Series 20200, 20300

Barrel roller bearings are self-aligning ball bearings and are are characterised by a row of barrel-shaped rollers. The outer ring has a hollow spherical raceway and the inner ring guides the rollers via the inner ring flange. This enables the compensation of static and dynamic angular errors. Barrel roller bearings are manufactured with cylindrical or tapered bores.


Spherical roller bearings

  • Series 21300, 22200, 22300, 23000, 23100, 23200, 23900, 24000, 24100

Spherical roller bearings are characterised by two rows of rollers fitted with barrel-shaped rollers. They are available with tapered or cylindrical bores. Spherical roller bearings not only withstand very high radial forces and shocks, relatively high axial forces can also be absorbed. These excellent properties enable their versatile use in particularly demanding bearing cases.

Spherical roller bearings are often installed in combination with two-part cast housings. This results in numerous combination options that are perfectly matched to the respective applications: they can be supplied as standing or flanged units, floating or fixed bearings and with various seals.


Spherical roller thrust bearings

  • Series 29200, 29300, 29400

Spherical roller thrust bearings belong to the group of thrust roller bearings. They are suitable for absorbing the highest axial loads and optimally compensate for angular errors. Their large number of asymmetrical rollers are designed for relative high speeds. These bearings are not self-retaining. The bearing parts can be installed separately from each other.


Tapered roller bearings

  • Metric series 30200, 30300, 31300, 32000, 32200, 32300, 32900, 33000, 33100, 33200
  • Inch dimension series: various

Tapered roller bearings are non-self-retaining radial roller bearings. The inner ring with cage and the outer ring can be installed separately. Single or multi-row tapered roller bearings are suitable for combined loads with radial and axial forces.


Cylindrical roller bearings

  • Series NU 1000 M (solid cage), N200, NU200, NJ200, NUP200, N300, NU300, NJ300, NUP300, NU2200, NJ2200, NUP2200, NU2300, NJ2300, NUP2300, NU400, NJ400,

Single-row cylindrical roller bearings belong to the group of radial roller bearings. They are primarily used for very stiff bearings with high loads. With these bearings it is important to note the respective design variants:

  • Type N has two fixed flanges on the inner ring and one flangeless outer ring. This type allows for axial displacement between shaft and housing in both directions.
  • Type NU has two fixed flanges on the outer ring; the inner ring is flangeless. This variant also allows for axial displacement in both directions.
  • Type NJ has two fixed flanges on the outer ring and one fixed flange on the inner ring. This variant only allows for axial displacement between shaft and housing in one direction.
  • Type NUP has two fixed flanges on the outer ring, one fixed flange on the inner ring and a loose flange ring. Type NUP is used as a fixed bearing and does not allow for any axial displacement between shaft and housing.


Full complement cylindrical roller bearings

  • Double row series SL04 5000

Full complement cylindrical roller bearings are used where there are particularly high radial loads –anywhere where a compact space-saving design is required. However, unlike cylindrical roller bearings with cages, they cannot be driven at the same high speeds. These bearings are available with single or double rows.


Axial cylindrical roller bearings

  • Series 81100, 81200, 89300, 89400
  • Series K 81100, 81200
  • Series WS 81100, 81200
  • Series GS 81100, 81200

These compact bearing types can withstand high axial loads and are shock-resistant. They are used wherever no radial forces occur. The single- and double-row bearings consist of housing washers (GS),shaft washer (WS) and the axial cylindrical roller and cage assemblies (K), which are arranged in between.


Track rollers, roller bearing track rollers

  • Series LR200 NPPU, LR200 NPP, LR5200 NPPU, LR5200 NPP, LR5300 NPPU, LR5300 NPP

Track rollers are based on deep groove ball bearings. They are available ready for assembly and with spherical or cylindrical outer rings. They are sealed on both sides and filled with grease. They are used for curved tracks and guideways. All track rollers with spherical outer rings are suitable for applications where skewing relative to the raceway is to be expected and the tension at the edges must be reduced.


Support rollers and cam followers

  • Cam follower series CF..R, CF..UUR, CF..V, CF..VR, CF..VUUR, CFE..R, CFE..UUR, CFE..V, CFE..VR, CFE..VUUR, NUKR.., NUKR..X

Support rollers and cam followers are based on needle bearings. They have a thick-walled spherical or cylindrical outer ring and are supplied ready for assembly. Support rollers are mounted on axles, cam followers have a roller stud and a mounting thread. They are available in various designs. Support rollers are available with or without an inner ring, with a spherical or cylindrical outer ring, with cages, full needle or full roller and with single or double rows. In the case of the cam followers, the distinguishing features are as follows: with or without cams, with cage, full needle or full roller.


Needle rollers and cage assemblies

  • Series K

As roller bearings with the smallest overall radial height, needle rollers are the simplest form of radial needle bearing. Consisting of a needle cage and needles, they allow high speeds, have a high running accuracy and are easy to mount (direct bearing).


Drawn cup needle roller bearings, needle bearings, needle freewheels

  • Series HK, BK

Similar to the needle rollers and cage assemblies, drawn cup needle roller bearings are distinguished by their compact design. They consist of a cage, needles and a thin-walled outer ring. Needle roller and cage assemblies or needle bearings are always used if the housing bore is not suitable as a raceway and high speeds are still required.


Needle roller bearings

  • Series NK, NKI, NKS, RNA 4900, RNA 4800, RNA 5900, RNA 6900, NA 4900, NA 4800, NA 5900, NA 6900, RNAO, NAO, RNAOZW, NAOZW

This bearing type consists of one outer ring, one needle cage assembly and one inner ring, depending on the application. They are used where the load bearing capacity of the drawn cup needle roller bearings is no longer adequate but cylinder roller bearings are not yet wanted. Due to the loose inner ring, axial displacements between shaft and housing are optimally compensated for.


Inner rings

  • Series IR

Inner rings are manufactured from hardened roller bearing steel and are optimal complements to needle bearings.


Combined needle bearings

  • Series NKIA, NKIB, NKX.., NKX..Z, NKXR.., NKXR..Z

In a compact design, combined needle roller bearings combine the properties of high radial loadbearing capacity and medium loads in the axial bearing section. Depending on the model, spherical or cylindrical rollers are available in the axial bearing part.


Axial needle bearings

  • Series AXK (axial needle roller assembly), AS (axial bearing washer), LS (running disc)

Axial needle bearings are used in applications without any radial forces and when the load capacity of the axial thrust bearings is no longer sufficient. Their compact design and the option of being able to install the individual bearing parts separately often prove to be a major plus point.


Insert bearings, bearing inserts for housings

  • Series AEL-200, YET-200, AELS-200, CES-200, AS-200, YAT-200, ASS 200, CS-200, CS-300, UC-200, YAR-200, UC-300, YAR-300, UCS-200, UEL-200, YEL-200, UEL-300, YEL-300, UK-200, UK-300

Insert bearings are based on the 6200 and 6300 series of deep groove ball bearings. The various series are defined by the following differences: spherical (convex) out ring or cylindrical out ring, various types of fastening on the shaft (extended inner ring with grub screws, with cam ring, tapered bores for adapter sleeves, bore with interference fit) and with or without annular grooves. In the case of strong vibrations, insert bearings can be used with an additional rubber damping ring. These types of bearing are supplied with metric and inch bores.


Housing units

  • Plummer block housing units series UCP-200, UCP-300, UELP-200, UELP-300, UKP-200, UKP-300, UCPAE/UCUP-200, UCHP-200, UP-00, MUP-00
  • Flange bearing units series UCF-200, UCF-300, UELF-200, UELF-300, UKF-200, UKF-300, UCFS-300, UELFS-300, UKFS-300, UCFC-200, UELFC-200, UKFC-200, UCFCE-200, UKFCE-200, UCFL-200, UCFL-300, UELFL-200, UELFL-300, UKFL-200, UKFL-300, ASFB-200, ASFD-200, ESFD-200, UCC-200, UCC-300, UKC-200, UKC-300. UFL-00, MUFL-00, UCHB-200, UCFA-200, UCFH-200
  • Take-up ball bearing units series UCT-200, UCT-300, UKT-200, UKT-300
  • Sheet steel housing series PP-200, PF-200, PFL-200

Housing units are subdivided into plummer blocks, flanged bearing or clamping housing units. The housings are manufactured in grey cast iron, steel sheet, stainless steel and thermoplastic. In combination with a wide variety of clamping bearings, the result is a ready-to-assemble unit that is mounted on a clamping surface. Housing units with insert bearings that have a spherical outer ring are well suited to compensate for static misalignments. To keep things as exciting as possible for dealers, mechanics and purchasers, the manufacturers have come up with different designations for equivalent products, for example UCP-205 = SY 25 TF. The differences are minimal and not relevant in most applications.


Split plummer block housings

  • Series SNC, SNV, SNL
  • FRD fixed rings
  • Sealing sets

Split plummer block housings were introduced to make assembly and maintenance easier. These units are made from grey cast iron. They consist of upper and lower housing parts that are screwed together. Every housing can accommodate bearings with different inner diameters and widths. The outside diameter of the bearing is the critical dimension for the housing. Spherical roller bearings are primarily used for split plummer block housings. At higher speeds self-aligning ball bearings can also be used. In order to implement fixed bearings, two additional fixed rings FRB are inserted into the housing. For optimal bearing, the housings are sealed with sealing sets. Here double-lipped seals SC..DS (standard), felt strip gaskets SC..FS, V-ring sealsSC..SV, taconite seals SC..TA or labyrinth seals SC..LA are used. All housings are designed so that they can be used for continuous shafts or also for shaft ends. For shaft ends, we recommend closing the housing with an SC.EC cover plate.


Radial spherical plain bearings

  • Series GE..DO, GE..DO 2RS, GE..UK, GE..UK 2RS, GE..FO, GE..FO 2RS, GE..FW, GE..FW 2RS, GE..LO, GE..HO 2RS

Radial spherical plain bearings are ready-to-install, standardised machine parts that are used for slewing, tilting and rotating movements in connection with static or dynamic forces and low speeds. They consist of a hollow spherical outer ring and a ball joint (inner ring). The essential differences between the various series are the cubic capacity and the plain bearing pair (steel/steel, steel/brass, stainless steel/PTFE etc.). The different plain pairing variants determine whether a radial spherical plain bearing is maintenance-free or requires maintenance.


Angular contact spherical plain bearings

  • Series GE..SX, GE..SW

Angular contact spherical plain bearings consist of two rings, which can be assembled separately. The convex sliding surfaces of the two rings are at an angle to the bearing axis. This results in the absorption of one-sided axial and radial loads. These bearings are available from us on request.


Axial contact spherical plain bearings

            Series GE..AX, GE..AW

Axial spherical plain bearings are manufactured for shaft diameters from 10mm - 200mm. The bearings, which consist of an outwardly curved shaft washer and an inwardly curved housing washer, mainly absorb axial loads. This bearing type requires maintenance as the GE..AX steel/steel pairing version or is maintenance-free as the GE..AW steel/PTFE pairing version. These bearings are available from us on request.


Rod ends

  • Series / dimensional series K: RI, RA
  • Series / dimensional series E: GIR..DO, GIR..DO 2RS, GIR..UK, GIR..UK 2RS, GAR..DO, GAR..DO 2RS, GAR..UK, GAR..UK 2RS

Rod ends offer the same advantages as radial spherical bearings. They consist of a housing, a bearing shell and an inner ring. In addition to the installation size, a distinction is also made as to whether it is an external or internal thread and whether it should be a right-hand or left-hand thread. These bearing types are also available in a wide variety of sliding pairings.


Clamping and withdrawal sleeves

  • Slotted nuts, series K
  • Slotted nuts series GUK, self-locking
  • Lock washers series MB
  • Withdrawal sleeves series AH/AHX 300, AH/AHX 2300
  • Adapter sleeves series H200, H300, H2300, H3000, H3100


Rolling bearing accessories

Of course, we not only supply the individual roller and spherical plain bearings, but also the accessories: Ball bearing grease from Simatec or SKF, individual precision steel or Inox balls,pull-off or mounting tools for rolling bearings and shaft sealing rings,retaining rings such as Seeger® rings to DIN 471 for shaft grooves or DIN 472 for bore grooves, snap rings or grooved rings and much more. Availability from stock on request!