Power belts / Composite V-belts

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Types and profiles of our power belts:

(ex stock Schwanden, subject to prior sale)


Power belts with traditional encased V-belts

Profiles A/HA, B/HB, C/HC


Power belts with encased narrow V-belts

Profiles SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC, 3V/9J, 5V/15J


SF-700 aramid - high performance power belts, encased

Profiles SPA, SPB, SPC

  • Aramid tension members = excellent strength and durability with minimal conventional elongation
  • strong fabric layer = less susceptible to slip and shear forces
  • oil-resistant under certain conditions
  • double fabric layer = exceptionally high abrasion and wear resistance
  • temperature range – 40 °C to + 80 °C
  • 40 – 50 % higher performance values compared to conventional power belts
  • SF-700 may be used in combination with reverse tensioning idlers!


High performance power belts FOZ, raw-edged, cogged

Profiles 3VX/9JX (FOZ), XPB

  • the performance values correspond to the conventional FOZ narrow V-belts
  • compact drives are possible by using small pulleys
  • recommended for vertically running axes


High performance power belts Quad-Power® 4, raw-edged, cogged

Profiles XPA, XPB available ex stock in 2 or 3 ribbed versions

  • polyester tension members = minimal elongation
  • made of EPDM (synthetic rubber)
  • temperature range – 50° C to + 130 °C
  • not oil- and fuel resistant!


Wide angle composite belts 60 ° flank angle, polyurethane

Profiles 5M, 7M, 11M

  • belt speeds up to  60 m/s
  • high oil and ozone resistance
  • suitable for horizontal compact drives


Power belts or composite V-belts are drive belts that are used for high impact and non-uniform loads. They ensure safe transmission of high torques and power even at large centre distances. They are designed so that the back of the belt does not rest on the outside diameter of the pulley, to prevent the cover plate separating from the ribs. 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-ribbed versions are standard composite belts. We mainly stock the entire coils. If you need more ribs we are able to cut the desired number on our special cutting machines. Please order set-constant composite belts whenever several power belts run on the same pulley.


Further information about our power belts, composite belts:

Power belts or composite V-belts are drive elements and consist of individual belt strands or ribs that are interconnected by a cover plate. They usually have a tension member made of polyester, are manufactured from a rubber compound and are encased in a fabric. They are

used for high impact and non-uniform loads and ensure safe transmission of high torques and power even at large centre distances. Their design reduces vibrations and prevents twisting. Each belt strand has the same slip, so the circumferential force is distributed evenly. The use of power belts is advisable where large unequal forces have to be transmitted over long span lengths or where large impact loads occur. This is often the case in fans, stone crushers or agricultural machinery. A disadvantage is the fact that foreign bodies such as wood chips, small stones, lots of dust, etc. can damage the drive more quickly. An appropriate protective device is therefore essential


Standard features:

  • oil-resistant under certain conditions
  • electrically conductive to ISO 1813
  • temperature-resistant from – 40 °C to + 80 °C ( Quad-Power ® to + 130 °C)
  • resistant to tropical weather conditions



  • good operating behaviour relating to vibrations
  • no popping out of the pulley
  • reverse flexing
  • flexibility
  • customised solution for v-belt – flat belt-drives
  • SF-700 is suitable for reverse tensioning idlers
  • suitable on small pulleys (belts raw edge, cogged)
  • low elongation
  • downtimes and maintenance are reduced