Motor clamping slides / Motor clamping rails

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Our types of motor clamping slides

(ex stock Schwanden)


Types 22, 25, 40, 50

for motor sizes 63 to 180, other sizes available on request


Motor slides are somewhat easier to assemble and designed for lighter motors. They are made of steel and galvanised. They have an optimal price-performance ratio.


Our types of motor clamping rails

(usually ex stock Schwanden)


  • Type S71/16VS
  • Type N300/6VS
  • Tyep S100/8VS
  • Type N400/8VS
  • Type S132/10VS
  • Type N600/10VS
  • Type S180/12VS
  • Type S225/16GS
  • Type S280/20GS
  • Type S355/24GS


Motor clamping rails are preferred for larger loads. Installation is more complicated and they are relatively heavy. They are made of steel, phosphated, stove enamelled or galvanised. One set of clamping rails consists of two rails, including tensioning screws and motor fastening bolts. All components are protected against corrosion through appropriate surface treatment. All dimensions and prices can be found in our price catalogue.


Further information about our motor clamping slides and clamping rails:

Correct tensioning ensures the longevity and safe operation of each belt drive. A motor clamping slide or motor clamping rails enable you to adjust the correct tension at any time quickly and without complicated alignment. The position of the drive machine can thus be adjusted.